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#159CalltoAction: Register Georgia Voters

2018 is a year of potential for great change in Georgia. There will be a new governor, and all constitutional statewide officers and General Assembly seats are up for election.

The best thing you can do to effect real, long-term, progressive change in Georgia this year is to register voters, educate them and get them to the polls. If many groups working together can register 199,999 progressive voters and get them to the polls, we can flip state House and state Senate districts and elect a governor with progressive values. #159CalltoAction #159RegisterNewVoters

To volunteer, complete this brief form if you’d like to volunteer any amount of time. Our volunteers will contact you and point you toward opportunities or work with you to build opportunities.

Georgia has a half-million new American majority citizens (people of color, women, Gen Y, Gen Z) who are eligible to vote — but not yet registered. 159 Georgia Together and Indivisible groups all over Georgia continue to work with multiple legacy and new progressive organizations in 2018 to register these voters and get them to the polls.

You (and your family and friends, your neighborhood and your group) can volunteer in your area with plenty of support and guidance from these groups, including organizational lobby days and training sessions. Opportunities are listed on the form, and here’s a great resource for educating yourself about voter registration: indivisible435.org/voterregistration.

These groups and others have been hard at work and will guide and assist you:

  • ProGeorgia (govotega.org) and its constituent groups Asian-Americans Advancing Justice – Atlanta;
  • Common Cause of Georgia;
  • Community Voters Project;
  • Center for Pan Asian Community Services;
  • Equality Foundation of Georgia;
  • Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials;
  • Georgia’s Coalition for the People’s Agenda;
  • Georgia Muslim Voters Project;
  • Georgia NAACP;
  • Georgia Shift;
  • League of Women Voters of Georgia;
  • New American Pathways; and
  • New Georgia Project

If you have progressive friends who aren’t already 159 Georgia Together members, add them to our group. Let’s flip this state!