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#159CalltoAction: Support HB680 (Paper Ballots Measure)

HB680, retiring the voting machines and replacing them with a system of hand-marked paper ballots is in the Governmental Affairs Committee. So, let's email the committee to express support. #159CalltoAction #159Elections

1) Put your own name in the recipient line.

2) Put "Supporting HB680" in the subject line.

3) Put the following block of emails of Governmental Affairs committee members in the "bcc" line

  • barry.fleming@house.ga.gov   
  • shaw.blackmon@house.ga.gov   
  • buzz.brockway@house.ga.gov   
  • rhonda.burnough@house.ga.gov   
  • j.collins@house.ga.gov  
  • eddie.lumsden@house.ga.gov  
  • john.meadows@house.ga.gov  
  •  howard.mosby@house.ga.gov  
  • bee.nguyen@house.ga.gov   
  • mmo@mmolaw.com    
  • alanpowell23@hotmail.com  
  • jay.powell@house.ga.gov   
  • betty.price@house.ga.gov  
  • renitta.shannon@house.ga.gov   
  • darlene.taylor@house.ga.gov  
  • tom.taylor@house.ga.gov  
  • bob.trammell@house.ga.gov   
  • scot.turner@house.ga.gov  
  • bruce.williamson@house.ga.gov  
  • erynders@bellsouth.net

4) Put the following message in the body of the email (or write your own!).  Be sure to put your own name at the bottom:

Dear Representative,

I’m writing in support of HB 680, which retires the DRE voting machines and replaces them with a system of hand-marked paper ballots with optical scan (utilizing a Ballot Marking Device only for disabled voters).

I urge you to schedule a hearing for this bill, bring it the floor for a vote, and approve it as soon as possible.  

Georgia citizens of all parties are concerned about the insecurity of Georgia’s current voting system.  We are delighted with the work of the Science and Technology Committee, grateful to the bill’s bipartisan sponsors, and hopeful that the Governmental Affairs Committee will move the bill forward quickly.

Hand-marked paper ballots are significantly preferable to the Ballot Marking Devices recently piloted in Rockdale.  The BMD system would cost taxpayers three times as much as the hand marked paper ballot system. Spending that much more without any benefit would be irresponsible.  We believe the BMD’s are useful only for disabled voters.

HB 680 offers a reliable and inexpensive fix for Georgia’s broken system.  Nearly half of U.S. voters use hand-marked paper ballots.  It’s time we joined them!

Thank you for helping ensure fair elections in Georgia!


(Your Name)

5) If you have two more minutes:  

Call the House Committee Chair, Ed Rynders:   404-656-6801, and urge him to give the bill a full hearing and bring it to a vote as quickly as possible.