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#159CalltoAction: Call to Say No to Anti-Immigrant Bills in Legislature

A bill has been introduced again in the Senate calling for an amendment to the Georgia Constitution to make English the only language that can be used in official state documents or publications. Shall we make a few phone calls to the bill's sponsors to say no? #159CalltoAction

This legislation would make it more difficult for immigrants to assimilate and interface with their government and schools, etc. It is also a risky proposition because it sends a xenophobic message at the time the state is focused on attempting to lure Amazon's headquarters to the Atlanta area.

The Numbers

1) McKoon, Joshua: Phone: (404) 463-3931
(2) Gooch, Steve Phone: (404) 656-9221
(3) Beach, Brandon Phone: (404) 463-1378
(4) Shafer, David Phone: (404) 656-0048
(5) Mullis, Jeff Phone: (404) 656-0057
(6) Brass, Matt Phone: (404) 463-1376