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#159CalltoAction: How You Can Help End Gerrymandering

The first step to ending gerrymandering in Georgia, the practice of lawmakers drawing legislative district lines for partisan advantage, is to push members of the Georgia House and Senate redistricting committees to hold hearings and a vote on legislation to form an independent, nonpartisan Citizen’s Redistricting Commission (SR 6 and 7 in the Senate, and HR 2 and 3 in the House). Our districts are set to be redrawn after the 2020 census. If we don't act now, the system will be rigged against us until the next census in 2030.

Whether you have one minute, 15 minutes, an hour or more to spare, you can help end gerrymandering and advance redistricting reform. Below are concrete actions you can take to make a tangible difference, and information resources that can help guide your efforts. #159StopGerrymandering #159Redistricting

If you have... Action Requested Resources
1 minute Call your representative on the GA House and/or Senate redistricting committees Redistricting Reform Contact List:
Phone Script for GA House Committee Members>>
Phone Script for GA Senate Committee members>>
5 minutes Call Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle,
Speaker of the House David Ralston and
the Chairs of the GA House and Senate Redistricting Committees
Redistricting Reform Contact List>>
Phone Script for Lt. Governor and House Speaker>>
Phone Script for GA House Committee Members>>
Phone Script for GA Senate Committee members>>
15 minutes Write an email to your representative on the redistricting committees or to the entire House or Senate committees (see block email lists on the contact list) Redistricting Reform Contact List>>
Redistricting Reform Email Outline>
An hour Write and submit a letter to the editor to your local newspaper calling for redistricting reform Tips for Writing Letters to the Editor on Redistricting Reform>>
90 minutes Attend a Gerrymandering Tour: Redistricting in Georgia 101 meeting near you Meeting schedule>>
Several hours or more Do all of the above AND sign up for ongoing action alerts for redistricting reform, including upcoming events, meetings, and lobbying opportunities at the Capitol during the 2018 legislative session. Send an email to elena@elenaparent.com and request to be placed on the list for redistricting reform action alerts