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#159CalltoAction: Red Alert: Health Care on the Line with Graham-Cassidy Bill 

We're hearing that the Senate is only a few votes away from passing the Graham-Cassidy bill. It is time to mobilize!

What is it: Graham-Cassidy contains all the harmful cuts of previous GOP health bills, and will kick millions of people off of health insurance. 

  • Cutting health coverage and raising premiums and out-of-pocket costs for millions
  • Slashing Medicaid, converting the traditional Medicaid program to a per capita cap, and ending the expansion
  • Allowing states to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions

Graham-Cassidy takes the basic structure of the BCRA (previous GOP healthcare bill) and makes it worse. It keeps all the underlying Medicaid cuts. It keeps the ability for states to use waivers to further destroy Medicaid.

It also takes the money that the ACA uses to subsidize exchange plans and the Medicaid expansion and turns it into block grants for states to broadly use on health initiatives – not necessarily insurance starting in 2020. Of course, the block grants will start out about 16 percent smaller, and grow slower than expected inflation, which exacerbates the cuts over time.

Worse, the formula distributing the grants is designed to punish states with generous health systems by biasing them toward states that didn't expand Medicaid, have low levels of exchange enrollment. All states will take large cuts over the long term.

Oh, and the grants disappear entirely after 2026.

What to do?

You should call both your Senators and Representatives. To find contact info for your reps and Senators look here: www.callmycongress.com.

Call Script: 

"I'm upset that the Senate would even consider passing Graham-Cassidy. I'm concerned about its long-term caps on Medicaid, and its block grants, which cut federal health spending.

[If you have a story here – this is a good place to put it]

"Can I count on Senator Y to work on a bipartisan bill to improve the ACA and reject Graham-Cassidy, which would destroy large portions of the U.S. Health system?

Amplify on Social Media

Tweet at your senators urging them to oppose Graham-Cassidy: Find your senators’ Twitter handles. https://www.socialseer.com/resources/us-senator-twitter-accounts/ 

Share this tweet and this Facebook post about the ways that Graham-Cassidy is just as bad as previous repeal bills the Senate has already rejected https://twitter.com/FamiliesUSA/status/908677312727707648