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#159CalltoAction: Apply Pressure for Charlottesville Investigation

By now, everyone has seen that one of the Charlottesville, Va., marchers and attackers lives in the Marietta area. The Marietta and Cobb County police and sheriff's offices cannot arrest the man (no Georgia charges) until they have a warrant from either the Charlottesville police or the Virginia State Police.

Shall we make a few phone calls to those agencies to apply pressure for a thorough investigation? The man participated in an assault that severely injured another man. The attack could fit the definition of a hate crime. http://www.myajc.com/news/national-govt--politics/marietta-man-linked-beating-deandre-harris-charlottesville/kqOG8ChoSaxf7X4ctuk6OI/

Possible Script

Simply state that you believer there was a hate crime and have concerns about one of the attackers living in your area. Could they please investigate the incident and press chargers as warranted. Thank you. 

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