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#159CalltoAction: Rally to Save Our Health Care

It's time to rally to help persuade Sen. Iskason that we ALL have pre-existing conditions and know someone who NEEDS MEDICAID. Join 159 Georgia Together as we rally in front of Sen. Isakson's local office, 3625 Cumberland Blvd SE #970, Atlanta, GA 30339. Bring signs and be ready to tell your stories. 

This is part of a statewide effort ahead of the Tuesday's Senate vote.#159CalltoAction #159SaveOurHealthCare #159SaveLives

Our Facebook event to R.S.V.P.

If you need suggestions for your signs and chants: 

Leader: what do we want?
Crowd: healthcare
Leader: when do want it?
Crowd: now!

1) Save our healthcare!!
2) Healthcare for families, not tax breaks for the rich!!
3) Save the ACA!!