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#159CalltoAction: Advocate for Republican Support for Health Care for all Americans

The numbers don't look good for the AHCA as in what the voters support. Check out this New York Times story about what percent of your state’s residents reject/support the ACHA. Then, let's make some calls shall we? #159HealthCare #159NotoTrumpCare #159SaveMedicaid

Script: Hi. I’m calling from ZIP. I was just reading a report in the New York Times showing that only 30% of our state’s voters support the AHCA bill. Even the president said it was “mean.” I would like Sen. Iskason or Sen. Perdue to urge Mitch McConnell to slow the process down and conduct open, transparent hearings so the senate can create a bill Americans actually support.

The Numbers:

  • Sen. Johnny Isakson's number: (202) 224-3643/local office: (770) 661-0999
  • Sen. David Perdue's number: (202) 224-3521/local office: (404) 865-0087