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#159CalltoAction: Call Sen. Hatch to Demand Open Hearing on Senate Plan

Insist on an open hearing of the Senate health care bill. Americans deserve to know what is in the bill before there is a vote. #159OpenGovernment #159HealthCare #159SaveMedicaid

Call: Sen. Orrin Hatch, SFC office 202-224-4515; fax 202-228-0554

Script: I am calling Sen. Hatch in his capacity as the chair of the Senate Finance Committee. The Senate’s current approach to the healthcare issue appears secretive, manipulative, and undemocratic. Democracy thrives with discussion, cooperation, and compromise. As a consumer of healthcare services, I’m asking Sen Hatch to conduct open, public hearings on the Senate healthcare bill.

Wrap up: Call our senators too. Those numbers: 


  • Sen. Johnny Isakson's number: (202) 224-3643/local office: (770) 661-0999
  • Sen. David Perdue's number: ( 202) 224-3521/local office: (404) 865-0087