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#159CalltoAction: New Georgia Project Needs Canvassing Volunteers

The New Georgia Project needs volunteers to help with door to door canvassing in the Sixth Congressional District. The project believes people of color will decide the outcome of this race, and that is who we are targeting the next three weekends in the district. #159FliptheSixth

Per a recent New York Times article about this election: "The groups know there are minority voters out there to persuade: Census figures from 2015 show that the district is about 30 percent nonwhite. But minorities accounted for only about 17 percent of the April vote, according to an analysis provided by the New Georgia Project." 

New Georgia Project will provide voters in the Sixth Congressional District a way to get FREE rides to the polls, info on ID cards and early voting info in all three counties. Sign up to canvass with project on Saturday, June 3; Saturday, June 10, or Saturday, June 17.