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#159CalltoAction: Call Senators and Demand Better Health Care Coverage

From our partners at Cover Georgia: The Congressional Budget Office score demonstrated the harm that the House-passed American Health Care Act would inflict on consumers across the country and in our state.

Twenty-three million people are expected to lose their coverage within a decade, and of those 14 million would lose the Medicaid coverage that they depend on for critical health care services and supports. An estimated 720,000 Georgians could be uninsured as a result of this legislation.
The U.S. Senate has begun drafting its version of a health care bill and many of the features of the AHCA are expected to remain, including the dismantling of the Medicaid program as we know it.

This week, senators return to Washington and get back to work. Let's light up their phone systems and messages with the message that ALL GEORGIANS DESERVE HEALTH INSURANCE. Georgia's senators need to hear from you during this important time. They need to hear that Georgians want them to oppose any bill or measure that: 1) cuts and caps the Medicaid program, or 2) reduces coverage for millions of Americans. Call today!
·         Senator Isakson: 770-661-0999
·         Senator Perdue: 404-865-0087

Possible topics include: 

  1. No gender discrimination.
  2. No lifetime caps.
  3. To cover all pre-existing conditions.
  4. To cost less than $X per month per person.
  5. Comprehensive Medicare and Medicaid.
  6. Start pressuring health insurance companies to decrease costs. 

If you don’t quite know what to say, we’ve got you covered. Visit Protect Our Care Georgia’s take action page now. #159NotoTrumpCare #159SavetheACA #159HealthCare