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#159CalltoAction: Urge Your Religious Leaders To Sign Letter to Senators

This call to action is coming from one of our partner orgs, Cover Georgia. 

On Wednesday, the CBO released its updated score on the AHCA as passed. Highlights below; analysis from CBPP, and the CBO score.

  • By 2026, the number of uninsured would increase by 23 million — or 82 percent higher than under current law.
  • Federal Medicaid spending would be cut by $834 billion or 16.7 percent over the next ten years.
  • States with about half of the nation’s population will take up waivers allowed under the House bill to eliminate or weaken ACA protections for people with pre-existing conditions.
  • Premiums in the individual market would rise by 20 percent in 2018 and 5 percent in 2019.

Good talking points from Community Catalyst about the CBO analysis—let’s not let Medicaid get lost in the discussion. Most media pieces are focusing on impact on premiums and private insurance impacts. It’s our responsibility to raise the impact on Medicaid and make sure that is not forgotten. AJC and Augusta Chronicle articles on the CBO score.


**St. Vincent de Paul, GBPI, the Interfaith Children’s Movement, FLAG, Faith in Public Life, Mercy Care and others are championing a faith leader sign-on letter and we need your help collecting faith leader signatures. The letter will be delivered to both Sen. Isakson and Sen. Perdue. Opportunity to add your signature to the letter now through Monday, May 29.* The full text of the letter, plans for distribution and the place to sign on can be found here,

Please share with your church's pastors and any pastors you are friends with. #159CalltoAction #159NotoTrumpCare