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#159CalltoAction: Oppose the Advisory Commission on Election Integrity

Oppose the new, federal Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. This is a solution in want of a problem and will only add to the voter suppression efforts already in play. #159ElectionIntegrity #159VoterRights #159AllShouldVote

The executive order: https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/05/11/presidential-executive-order-establishment-presidential-advisory

Read: This recent article and background on Kris Kobach’s past efforts to suppress voters in Kansas.

Script: Hi. I’m a constituent from _ZIP_ and am calling to express my concern about Trump’s new election integrity commission. Considering the lack of support for claims of widespread voter fraud, this panel is a huge waste of taxpayer money. What is _NAME_ doing to oppose this panel?