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#159CalltoAction: Support Immigrant Workers

Trump continues to promise to build a Mexican border wall, expel millions of people living in the US without legal status, and stop their children from being recognized as US citizens. He has signed executive orders banning travelers from some Muslim-majority nations, and threatened to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities. ICE has ramped up deportations through the Department of Homeland Security's sweeping immigration plan.

Maybe our elected officials don't really care about the people involved, but they do care about the economy. Think back to 2011 when Georgia implemented an Immigration Law (HB87) with the goal to eliminate incentives for illegal aliens to cross into Georgia. Those labor shortages cost an estimated $140 million in agricultural losses as crops rotted in the field. Farmers were 40 percent short of the number of workers they needed. Many Americans believe that immigrants steal our jobs and push down our wages — but the truth is that most Georgians don't want such back-breaking jobs. Immigrants supply the skills and labor necessary to keep our farms and poultry plants working.  

  • Nationally, about ¼ of the U.S. farm Workforce don't have valid immigration papers. 
  • If the border with Mexico closes due to the wall or tax increases on imported goods, up to 61% of US fruit production would shift to other countries
  • The average hourly wage of a US farm worker is $12 an hour.  In contrast, a construction worker makes $17.50 an hour on average.
  • Agricultural businesses can't grow without additional labor.
  • Agriculture is the largest industry in Georgia contributing more than $71 billion to the state's economy.

Call both Senators and Congressmen....here's the script:

Hi, I'm XX from XX and I'd like to leave a message for the senator/congressman that I support our immigrant families and I expect him to support them as well.  Many of our immigrants in Georgia work in farming and poultry and support the agriculture industry which contributes $71 billion to the state's economy. Immigrants supply the skills and the labor necessary to keep our farms and poultry plants working. Georgia's economy can't grow without the contributions of our immigrant families.  In 2011, Georgia implemented an immigration law that kept immigrants out of our farms — it cost $140 million because no one was there to pick the crops, and they rotted in the field.   Immigrants don't take away our jobs - they do the back breaking work that other Georgians just don't want to do. I'm asking the Senator/Congressman to support Georgia's economy  and vote against policies that harm immigrants. 

The numbers

  • Isakson: 202-224-3463
  • Perdue: 202-224-3521 
  • Buddy Carter        202-225-5831
  • Sanford Bishop    202-225-3631
  • Drew Ferguson    202-225-5901
  • Hank Johnson        202-225-1605
  • John Lewis        202-225-3801
  • Robert Woodall    202-225-4272
  • Austin Scott        202-225-6531
  • Doug Collins        202-225-9893
  • Jody Hice        202-225-4101
  • Barry Loudermilk    202-225-2931
  • Rick Allen        202-225-2823
  • David Scott        202-225-2939
  • Tom Graves        202-225-5211