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#159CalltoAction: Call Early and Often to Save the ACA

Let's hit the phones this afternoon! ABC is now reporting that the Republican's may have the votes this time with a new amendment. So, let's get to work and start calling any and all congressional representatives to urge them to vote no to the latest draft of the AHCA.

Remember the AMA, doctors, nurses and other health professionals feel this is even worse than the March version. And, it strips away the essential health benefits, including pre-existing conditions. #159CalltoAction #159SavetheACA #159SaveEssentialHealthBenefits



Possible script: 

Hi. Iā€™m a constituent from _ZIP_. If _NAME_ votes for a bill that removes any health coverage for any American, s/he will lose her job. Full stop. Health care is a fundamental human right. Not tax credits. Not health savings accounts. Actual care. For all Americans. Anything less than this, and I will work hard to make sure _NAME_ is out of a job at the very next opportunity. Thanks

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