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#159CalltoAction: Internet Privacy

Resist efforts to sell info about what you do online. Remember, we need our privacy to wage the #resistance. #159CalltoAction #159InternetPrivacy

Last week, Congress voted to allow your Internet service provider (ISP) to sell your browsing information.

The Republican push to eliminate Obama-era consumer data protections is sparking a new national debate over online privacy, and putting internet companies on the defensive.

The measure blocking the online privacy rules is on the desk of President Trump, who is expected to sign it.

But the firestorm of controversy shows no signs of easing. Broadband titans such as AT&T and Comcast and web giants like Google and Facebook now find themselves under growing pressure over their privacy policies.


Sign: Ron Wyden’s petition (then unsub to prevent follow-up messages).

Call: Your local ISP customer services (likely cell, phone, and/or cable company) and tell them you want to opt out of having your information shared.