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#159CalltoAction: Expand Medicaid in Georgia

The Affordable Care Act is here to stay for a while so let’s take advantage of it. Rural Georgia needs our help. Its hospitals are struggling. How do convince our state representatives to expand Medicaid in Georgia. This would help our struggling rural hospitals as well as helping sick Georgians. How do we fix this? #159CalltoAction #159SavetheACA #159ExpandMedicaid

One of the best ways to get involved is through the state and federal health care boards on the 159Forum. Lots of good ideas and suggestions there for expanding Medicaid in the state and blocking Republican efforts to kill the Affordable Care Act. What are you waiting for? Register at 159georgiatogether.freeforums.net and roll those sleeves up! We have work to do. #!59CalltoAction #159DirectorsPost #159Forum



For state reps: https://openstates.org/ga/