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#159CalltoAction: Flip the Six: Show Time

So, there is only 1  more day until Tuesday, April 18. That's right, crunch time. Remember the goal is 50 percent. #159CalltoAction #159FliptheSixth #159LetsDoThis

Most importantly, if you live in the Sixth District, have you voted? Do you have a ride lined up? Let's do this. #159CalltoAction #159FliptheSixth #159LetsDoThis

Have you canvassed? Have you signed up for phone banking? Driving people to the polls? Are you helping provide meals to the Ossof team during the final week, mealtrain.com/trains/qvm351? 

To sign up for canvassing and phone banking, the Sixth District Taskforce page. visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/1132459916863822/