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Tell Lt Gov Casey Cagle: Stop the Anti-LGBT Sneak Attacks!

Late Tuesday, on the second to last day of the 2017 legislative session, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle green lighted anti-LGBT so-called "religious freedom" language to be added on as an amendment to unrelated legislation (HB 257).

This is a sneak attack. If passed, this dangerous RFRA would give "license to discriminate" against LGBT Georgians under the guise of protecting religious freedom. And it would put Georgia's economy in dire peril.

This is after it a poison amendment was stripped from the much-needed foster-care measure. Hate is hate. Let's demand our lt. governor and legislators say no and not imperil our state economy as North Carolina did. N.C.'s HB2 has cost that state's economy more than $3.76 billion. And, Georgia has benefited from the loss of business. Lets not legislative hate and disrupt our economy. Recent AP story on the economic impact>>

Today is the LAST day of the legislative session. Let'ss kill this anti-LGBT RFRA once and for all.

Call or email Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle to urge him to stop the sneak attacks and drop discriminatory, anti-LGBT legislation. Our economy and citizens deserve better. 


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