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#159CalltoAction: Stop HR 644

The State of Georgia continues to promote the principles of the Confederate States of America 152 years after its end. Georgia HR 644 continues to paint the Civil War as a noble and revered act, ignoring the true purpose of the war: to expand African slavery. https://legiscan.com/GA/text/HR644/2017

The resolution encourages Georgians to observe Confederate Memorial Day and recognize the efforts of the Confederacy with respect and devotion. 

Time out! America should repudiate white supremacy and racism. Despite the welcoming spirit of Atlanta, Georgia, shows itself as devoted to racial oppression. Call the sponsors of this resolution (attached) and express your outrage. 

  • Tommy Benton - 404-656-5126 
  • Bill Werkheiser - 404-656-0254 & 912-237-0145; 
  • Alan Powell - 404-463-3793 & 706-206-6500; 
  • Steve Tarvin - 404-656-0254 & 423-605-7328 and 
  • Jesse Petrea - 404-657-1830 & 912-354-3680


Wendy Cromwell