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#159CalltoAction: Help Find Our Missing Senator

In support of the awareness campaign regarding our missing senator, we encourage you to write short, personalized letters-to-the-editor to local papers where the billboards appear. The more letters sent, the better the chances of an editor running one or more of them. To aid in writing those letters, here are some talking points to consider: 

U.S. Sen. David Perdue has refused to hold town hall meetings or meet with voters during the February recess, despite making trips home to meet with donors. The Constitution doesn’t require you to pay to play. 

To call attention to his lack of accountability or access, the members of progressive nonprofit volunteer groups, 159 Georgia Together (www.facebook.com/159ga) and the Georgia Alliance for Social Justice (www.facebook.com/georgialliance) launched an awareness campaign in the Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Savannah, and Brunswick/Sea Island markets. You may wish to mention that you saw one of the billboards and it struck a chord about the lack of access. #159GeorgiaTogether #GASJ#159FindOurMissingSenator #159Accountability 

General guidelines:

  • Personalize letters. Talk about what you're most concerned about and why (i.e., "I'm a longtime Georgia resident and I'm concerned about Perdue’s lack of respect for his constituents.”)

  • Keep letters straightforward and respectful. Angry letters and letters with bad language may not get published, and letters that try to be humorous can be taken out of context. Stick to the facts and the impact they have on you. 
  • Keep letters to no more than 150 or at the most 200 words.
  •  Include your full name, mailing address, and daytime contact information.

Submission guidelines and word limit:

And, remember: after the awareness campaign ends, keep writing letters-to-the-editor. We are happy to help with tips/ suggestions/contact info, so don’t be shy about reaching out. Sometimes newspapers run more letters from conservatives because they "get" more letters from conservatives. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the attention. Let’s be the squeaky wheels and use our voices to be heard and let others know they are not alone.

Wendy Cromwell