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#159TaxReform: Make Those Tax Phone Calls

So, the Republicans want to decimate health care, higher education and the social net that helps the most vulnerable among us. So, this is a life and death call we have to make and we are not along. Indivisible has come up with a great plan. Let's join in and use it. #159TaxReformCalls

1. Sign up here: https://www.trumptaxscam.org/calls-to-kill-the-tax-scam to make phone calls using the peer-to-peer dialing tool. You’ll get an email confirmation with a login, password, and URL to sign into our system. Once signed in, you can start making calls immediately—and you’ll give you a script to make it as easy as possible.

2. Next, you’ll call a voter in one of three target states: Alaska, Arizona, and West Virginia. These folks are your friends—they attended the Women’s March, they’re standing up to pass a #CleanDREAM, and/or fight for progressive causes.

3. You explain how they have power now. You’ll remind them why the continued fight against the Trump Tax Scam is so important—and why they have particular power in this moment.

4. You ask them to use their power. You’ll ask them to call their senator in opposition to the bill, and to share their own reasons for opposing it.

5. The tool connects them to their Senator’s office. The call tool will allow you to automatically patch them through to the Senators’ district offices.

It’s easy: 2,233 Indivisible volunteers across the country dialed 320,552 Calls to Kill TrumpCare tool to encourage constituents in Alaska, Arizona, Maine, and Colorado to call their Republican senators and tell them to vote no on Graham-Cassidy. And we won. We can win this time, too, with your help.

Call to kill Trump's tax scam – sign up here:https://www.trumptaxscam.org/calls-to-kill-the-tax-scam and when you do, tell your friends they should do. Invite them over and do it together. A great way to do good over the Thanksgiving break in addition to boosting the economy.